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Terms and conditions apply to the site advhits.com

This agreement describes the terms and conditions of the business relationship is to be established between advhits.com managed by Massimo Castelli, based Via Carlo Botta, 5 Isolato 209 - 98123 - Messina - Italia - VAT number IT03195030832 - REA: 219827 and all customers using the advertising services offered by advhits.com.

advhits.com: Indicates the provider of advertising services, which is responsible for organizing and managing the provision of advertising services requested.
Customer: Indicates the person or entity that requires the provision of advertising services at the portal advhits.com.
Advertising Services: Indicates all of the activities organized to increase the popularity of a website or a product or service.
Order Form: Indicates the page of portal advhits.com through which you can order advertising services.
Account: Indicates the summary of orders placed and is accessile only with a username and password established when joined to advhits.com.
Portal: Indicates the internet platform used by advhits.com to manage the ordination of advertising services made by customers.
Partners: Indicates all traders who work with advhits.com to provide advertising services demanded by customers.
Prepaid Credit: Indicates the amount in Euros of advertising services purchased but not yet used.
Ticket: Indicates advertising services purchased but not yet used.

advhits.com is not responsible for errors and omissions in filling in the order form then before requesting advertising services make sure you fill in all the fields of the order form. The moment you fill out the order form to request advertising services declare that the information I have provided is true and correct. In case of errors please contact our staff to ensure the correction.

advhits.com checks and active orders of advertising services received only after confirming the receipt of the payment. advhits.com not active orders before receiving the payment. Usually orders are activated in 24/48 hours and in case of errors we send you an email to ask for more details.

All orders of advertising services received that is paid will always be activated.
a) Order by customer is not registered to the site: The order will be activated regularly and we'll create an account to access the summary of the orders, the login information will be sent via email.
b) Order by registered customer to the site advhits.com but not connected to your account: The order will be activated and will be assigned by us to your account already registered in the portal advhits.com.
In all cases all paid orders will always activated.

You can order advertising services also not subscribing to the portal advhits.com in this case we will create for you a personal panel of statistics of orders. The registration to the site advhits.com is optional and not compulsory but it is recommended in order to have additional functions. All orders received from customers not registered in the portal advhits.com will normally be activated.

advhits.com will not be responsible for possible server malfunction which may result in partial non-availability of the portal and it is considered quite not responsible for any unavailability of the site and advertising services managed.

All advertising services offered by advhits.com, unless otherwise specified, are considered international (mix from all countries of the world).

In case of dispute on payment (chargeback) or unauthorized payment your order will remain on hold until full payment is received by advhits.com (closure of the dispute payment procedure). Do not open disputes about payments if you have any problems contact our staff that will solve the problem in fast time.

On advhits.com does not allowed the advertisement of websites that contain sponsors, partner, affiliations and programs to earn, if under your sole responsibility you decide to advertise sites containing sponsors, partner, affiliations and programs to earn you declare advhits.com totally exempt from any claims, damages, partial or total.

advhits.com is only a provider of advertising services and is not connected users who visit and use your site/page/video/channel/account. advhits.com is not responsible for any loss of earnings by the sponsors of your site and advhits.com is not responsible for closures of pages/videos/channels/accounts. Always remember to check whether you can advertise your site/page/video/channel/account because only you are responsible for the decision to buy advertising services. Some sponsors do not allow you to buy advertising services therefore always check before you buy because you can use our advertising services accepting that advhits.com is totally exempt from any claims for damages, partially or totally.

Any dispute will be resolved in the court of Messina. You can not move the dispute in a court different from that of Messina.

advhits.com works with numerous partner sites to provide advertising services ordered. When ordering advertising services on advhits.com you authorizes all partner sites of advhits.com to manage your order to provide advertising services required on advhits.com.

advhits.com Is NOT, in any way, affiliated with or endorsed by Twitter, Facebook, Google, MySpace, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, YouTube or other Social Networks.

All trademarks and logos are trademarks of their respective owners. Twitter, Facebook, Google, MySpace, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, YouTube are trademarks and logos registered by their owners.

The terms and conditions of service are periodically updated, you can check for new updates of the terms and conditions of the service from time to time on this page. The new terms replace the previous ones and must be accepted unconditionally to be able to continue to use the portal advhits.com.

In the moment you use the platform advhits.com you agree to comply with and without reservation all the terms and conditions of service and in the event of non-acceptance of all the terms and conditions you may not use the portal advhits.com. You can not use advertising services of advhits.com without the acceptance of all the terms of service.

advhits.com has not reviewed all of the sites advertised on behalf of clients and therefore advhits.com is not responsible for the content of such sites sponsored on behalf of customers. All advertised sites within advhits.com belong to their respective owners and only the latter are responsible, therefore, each user should always inquire about the advertised site directly to the owner of the site, therefore advhits.com shall be relieved of any claim partial or total since all the sites advertised in it are owned by the customers.

advhits.com does not accept orders for advertising services from sites with scams/spam, sites with illegally copied software, sites with offensive or racist content, sites with illegal content, sites with content prohibited by the laws of the State. advhits.com will be the sole decision-maker in the field to accept or reject your site.

advhits.com provides advertising services without any warranty or liability clause. In case of dissatisfaction with the compensation can not exceed the price of the service purchased and will not be applied any other type of damages beyond the price of the advertising service purchased.

advhits.com does not know, has no connection, can not moderate, is not responsible for the behavior of the users who visit your site/page/video/channel.
advhits.com is only a company that is organizing an advertising campaign for your site and not have any way to monitor your website visitors only and visitors are responsible for their behavior.
Using advhits.com declare that you have understood that advhits.com is only third party and has no connection and no control over the your visitors of your site/page/video/channel and you accept that advhits.com can not be responsible for the behavior of visitors to the your site/page/video/channel as advhits.com is just a company that organizes an advertising campaign without having any control over the visitors.
In the event that a visitor to your site/page/video/channel should have a harmful behavior is the responsibility of the visitor itself which is free to decide which behaviors to adopt and, therefore, only the author of the malicious behavior they can answer.

advhits.com in the event that a service is not available can offer another service of equal value/price to the customer.

advhits.com may refuse to provide advertising services to sites and to customers who are not considered suitable. The choice to accept or refuse to provide advertising services is of advhits.com only. In case of refusal to provide advertising services advhits.com is not required to give reasons.

advhits.com reserves the right to cancel the account on its website without giving any notice, also advhits.com reserves the right to accept or refuse to provide advertising services to sites or customers without giving a reason.

For the issuance of bills of advertising services purchased on advhits.com it is necessary that the data of the person making the payment is the same of the invoice. If we receive a payment from "Mario Rossi" the invoice may only be made to "Mario Rossi" or "Company Of Mario Rossi". (Rules for the issuance of tax invoices).

The count of the visits is to be considered only approximate and not guaranteed because it can be influenced by many external factors independent of advhits.com (plugin installed in the browser, disabling frame, disabling the graphics, using noscript and adblock, partial loading of the page, no java/flash in the browser, other external factors unrelated to our site). For this reason advhits.com is considered totally excluded from any claim or compensation.

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